have an online business up and running with customers waiting to buy the day you hit publish...and within 90-days.

90-Day Marketing Seminar™

  • Discover Your PERFECT Niche
  • Gain Super Clarity
  • Be ULTRA Productive
  • Generate 6-7 Figure Profits
  • Automate Nearly EVERYTHING
  • Sell Your Stuff EFFECTIVELY

What Is It?

The 90-Day Marketing Seminar™ Accelerator Program is a 12-week online course with that includes LIVE Q&A calls as well as a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs & business owners. We will show you how to start a profitable business from the ground up, and scale it when profitable.

Who Is It For?

The 90-Day Marketing Seminar™ ACCELERATOR Program is for anymore, regardless of skill level. It is for anyone that wants to start and/or grow their business to 6-figures and more with super simple and easy to follow strategies and systems. We will teach you everything you need to know from A to Z.

How Does It Work?

We outline the entire process for you to follow step by step in all of our HD videos. Ask questions on our LIVE Q&A calls that are held weekly. And join in on wonderful conversations happening over in our community forum. We are with you ever step of the way. 😀

When Does It Start?

The 90-Day Marketing Seminar™ ACCELERATOR is an online program that starts the second you enroll. Take it as fast or as slow as you want to go. You get LIFETIME access to the course and course materials, so you can work through it at your own pace.

Things You Will Get

With The 90-Day Marketing Seminar™ ACCELERATOR Program you can learn the way YOU learn best.

With HD Videos, MP3 Audio, & Complete Transcripts of each Topic Covered

Here are some things you will learn in the program.

  • How to accomplish more in 9 weeks than most do in 2 YEARS. (In fact, do it the way I show you, and virtually guarantee your stuff gets implemented in days what would normally take a month to do.)
  • Why you NEED your own website and not a monthly funnel builder software. (And how using the popular funnel builders out there can wipe out your entire business)
  • Why getting bad feedback and nasty emails is actually a really good thing. (And how you can turn those to your advantage to make a whole lot of money)
  • 5 simple steps to getting your emails opened, read and your links clicked. (I call this the "GRODD Framework™" and has literally made me so much money, I bought a private jet)
  • How using the words "Free" or "New" will instantly get your email tossed into the trash. (This goes against everything most marketers tell you).
  • 20+ ways to write bullet points that get people interested in what you are selling. (Create copy so persuasive that they'll buy anything you are willing to sell them)
  • Why listening to so called "Goo-Roos" will land you in trouble with the government. (This actually happened to a friend of mine)
  • How to automate virtually every aspect of your business easily.. (so you can do what you want to do, when you want to do it)
  • How to "assemble" ads that will make people jump through hoops to know exactly what you got for sale. (all of your competitors won't know what happened to all their business)
  • How you can get profitable in weeks, not months or years with just 1 trick I learned from a Buddhist monk in Tibet.
  • How to quickly build a list, even if it is in a brand new market that you have never been in before. (I did this and got over 50,000 contacts in less than 6 months)
  • Where to find the juiciest market out there for you to rake in money by solving their problem.
  • You'll learn how doubling your price will actually get you MORE customers than if you had a lower price point.
  • How to Know without any doubt if your market will buy your product...even before you create it.
  • The one simple campaign that brought in more than 1100 new HIGH PAYING recurring membership clients. (You've never seen anything like this before.)
  • How to make yourself the 600 pound gorilla in your market that everyone else tries to catch up to. (Easily dominate your niche and be the "Big Wig" that everyone talks about)
  • The WORST Time to send an email (Most people do this, which means more money for you)
  • Exactly how many email to send before asking for the sale. (This can be done in a broadcast or autoresponder)
  • How to utilize resources you never even knew existed to crank up your profits fast.
  • Why only working less than an hour per day works better than 10 hours per day.
  • The 4 types of ads that convert. (I have used these to get as high as 62% conversion rates)
  • How a simple Rubik’s cube can be your best friend in helping make business decisions (I use this daily)
  • How to quickly analyze your numbers to know if something is working or not. (Most marketers don’t even know how to do this)
  • How to use your every day life story to write the best emails and sales letters anyone has ever seen.
  • How to overcome any objection easily without being deceitful, or dishonest (even before it comes up in your customers minds)
  • Why selling your product BEFORE you create it will get you more sells than if you do it in reverse.
  • Why testing small changes in your copy is a terrible idea, and what you can do instead to get much better results. (This is the way copywriting Legends do things)
  • Super clever ways to reduce and nearly avoid spam complaints and people from unsubscribing.
  • The 10 plugins you absolutely have to have on your website, if you want to be profitable.
  • The “CIA level secret" to getting in the heads of your customers to know what they want to buy, before they know.
  • How to make your engagement erupt like a never-ending volcanic explosion.
  • The best ways to trigger an ongoing stream of almost unfair new leads. (WITHOUT spending a single dime in ad cost).
  • The Worlds simplest funnel design. (This funnel consistently outsells nearly all others. Even those from big name marketers?
  • What to do if and when your plan falls apart on you and you start losing more money than you are making.

Here Is How It Works

Step By Step Path

Follow a step-by-step framework that will guide you along a proven path to success with your business. Take the guesswork out of everything.

LIVE Q&A Sessions

Join us on our Live Q&A calls that we hold every single week. We know you will have plenty of questions and we are here to help.


There is a saying, "You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with". So why not level up the people you interact with. THAT is what our community is for.

VIP Support

If the Q&A sessions held weekly aren't enough, we also provide you VIP Email Support as well to ask any question or voice any concern you like.

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90-Day Marketing Seminar ACCELERATOR Course Content

In just 12 short weeks, we help turn your dream and business into an automated reality. Here's how we do it.

The course will start off with mindset and building good habits. This is because, without these things, your business will simply not survive. You need to have your head in the game. And without good habits, how will you ever do the things that need to be achieved.


We then move on to real productivity. This is the entire 3x3 Productivity Method™Framework. In business, you not only need to get things done....you need to get the RIGHT things done. Staying busy and doing a lot of "stuff" does not equal productivity.

We will show you how to get the "right" things achieved in your business so you can scale your profits, fast.

In module 2 we go over a metric ton of foundational and fundamental material that will help get your business started and running like a well-oiled, semi-automated machine.


We cover topics such as:

  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Generation
  • Funnel Building
  • Lead Magnets
  • Uncovering Your Market Niche
  • Market Research
  • Tools & Software
  • Building Out Your Plan
  • And the Only 3 Pages You Need On Your Website
  • And so much more


In module 3 we cover all the different types of digital products you could possibly hope to sell. We also go over the various ways and campaign structures that you can utilize to sell those products.


We cover:

  • Book Funnels
  • Digital Courses
  • Selling on Webinars
  • Bribe Campaign Structures
  • Product Launches
  • Continuity Memberships
  • And more...


This is one of the biggest modules in the entire course. The reason for this is that we want you to be able to have the tools necessary to sell your products quickly. We want you making money even before the course is over.

Now, this is where things get gooood. In module 4 we cover everything you need to know about my 3 favorite things on earth.


Automation....Delegation....and Outsourcing.


This is where you really get to take full control over your business. This is also where you learn how to start scaling your business by taking you out of the equation. Working ON your business instead of IN your business.

Module 5 we get into how to write words that make us more money. Also known as Copywriting. We will learn to craft our perfect offer and message so that potential customers can fully understand what we have to offer and are more likely to purchase what we are trying to sell to them.

We will cover:

  • Copywriting Basics
  • Offer Construction
  • Assembly Line Copywriting™ Frameworks
    • Sales Page Frameworks
    • Advertising Frameworks
    • Email Marketing Frameworks
    • etc...


We will also get into the various angles we can take in order to swap our messaging to sell the exact same product.

Module 6 deals with how to manage your money, and financing so you can scale your business quickly. So we have learned how to build our business from the ground up, we are now making money, and now we have to know what to do with that money.


How much are we going to be putting back into our business? How much do we get to keep? How do we track it all, and what tools do we use to manage everything? This is what this module is about.

Module 7 is about taking the power of social media and using it to your advantage. We will cover topics like:

  • How to use Facebook LIVE to make THOUSANDS in less than 30 days
  • How to start and grow your YouTube channel
  • How to use Stories to grow your audience

And a ton more.

While I am not a fan of using social media personally, have no doubt that I love it for business purposes.

In Module 8 we cover some very unique strategies for driving traffic. Many of which you most likely have never seen before.

We will start the module off with Free and organic traffic methods such as blogging, videos, and content marketing. And then move into paid traffic methods and strategies.


The main paid traffic method we utilize is, of course, Facebook ads. We will be covering regular Facebook ad creation, methodology, and structure, as well as a Hybrid ad style with uses both Organic Facebook and Paid Facebook advertising.

Module 9 covers Analytics from A to Z. How do you REALLY know your business is thriving...IF you don't have the numbers to see it for yourself. Guessing is a "no go".


Running a successful business is all about numbers and Math. In this section, we will see with our own eyes, how our business is running, and what we can change and modify to make sure it runs better and smoother.

Here's What I Want You To Do Next

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And for those that are still a bit skeptical, I completely understand. That's why I am giving you a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. So even after the free trial is up you still have an additional 3 weeks to check the course out.

And if for any reason you are not completely happy, one simple email is all it will take for a no questions asked return of your entire payment.


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